0. Teenage Jobs

I started a new podcast about teens and their work. They tell what they like, what they don't, and if their job has any upward potential. Available on Spotify and–soon–Apple.

0. Tales Told Inside of School

From pranks to oddness, these are the stories of students and teachers. Some stories are funny, some will make you cringe, some will make you admire teenagers, and others are just…out there. Featuring three hosts: a football coach, a drama teacher, and...

57. Emily Wobker on Books

Emily Wobker is a beloved teacher and an avid reader. We have a wide-ranging conversation about some of her favorites. Emily will make you want to spend all day and all night with a great book!

56. Bianca Tropeano

Bianca Tropeano is such a one of a kind person that it’s challenging to know how to introduce her. She’s devoted her life to working for extremely unusual charities. And—this is a cool hobby of hers—she really excelled at Title Boxing Company! Currently, she lives in...
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