Seemingly Ordinary Podcast

On the surface, the guests of this podcast are seemingly ordinary. And yet, they have great stories and ideas, and they’ve done great things. New episodes every Tuesday.

90. Stacey Rains on Books

English teacher Stacey Rains is one of the most artistic people I know. In this episode, we discuss her favorite books, and more.(This episode was recorded in 2021.)

87. Marcus Kain, Man of Many Talents

Marcus Kain's life defies summary. A man in business, volunteer work, and teaching, Marcus can also be a social entrepreneur—he is always figuring out how to get people together, to go out, have fun, and enjoy life. (This episode was recorded in late 2020.)

85. Emily Wobker’s Favorite Things

Emily Wobker is an athlete, a ridiculously well read person, and a homeschooling mom of six kids.  Emily's favorite things include: games, books, musicals, singing (professionally!), the Olympics, sports, and the saints.  We discuss each under the theory that how...

83. Carrie Kafka Piroutte Tells the Story of City on a Hill

City on a Hill is a young adult ministry in Kansas City where, over time, thousands of people have participated in its sports, social events, service projects, and spiritual gatherings. Starting in 2006, Carrie essentially built it from the ground up.  Now, she is...

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