Seemingly Ordinary Podcast

On the surface, the guests of this podcast are seemingly ordinary. And yet, they have great stories and ideas, and they’ve done great things. New episodes every Tuesday.

155. James Ford’s Exuberant Life Story

James Ford tackles life with great energy. In this episode, we discuss James's childhood, dating days, engagement, marriage, careers, opinions, and much more. His enthusiasm is contagious. Enjoy!(This episode was recorded in 2022, and took me too long to edit.) 

153. Stories from Mom

My mom has great stories from her childhood. I love these tales--I hope you will, too.(This episode was recorded in 2022.)

151. Dominique O’Hara Is the Best Marketer I Know

Dominique O'Hara has worked in marketing for over twenty years. With her skills and great personality, she gets excellent results. In this episode, we discuss her background, hear her stories, and receive great advice.(This episode was recorded on July 21, 2023.)

147. Freedom from Fear (Part 2 of 2): Adam Clement, Therapist

Fear can destroy your relationships with yourself, others, and society at large. It can destroy society. In this episode, therapist Adam Clement discusses a book written by Dr. Mark McDonald, "Freedom from Fear," and offers helpful advice. (This episode was recorded...

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