Bonus! Excerpt from “Tom Buchanan, Misunderstood,” a novel in the Gatsby Universe

February 28, 2021

Pour yourself some illegal bootleg liquor and immerse yourself in this scandalous, crime-soaked tale. Overflowing with parties, booze, mob bosses, fights, affairs, and car bombs, Tom Buchanan, Misunderstood is an uproarious homage to Gatsby.

As he copes with marital strife, boxing matches, and explosives, Tom realizes everything he loves is at risk. But doing something about it might just get him killed.

A vivid portrait of a unique era, this surprising novel jolts us to realize that there are always multiple sides to every story, and that the road to love is often blocked with smashed up cars. Tom Buchanan, Misunderstood, reveals a side to a character everyone thought they knew. Buckle up for a wild ride.

(Available on amazon.)

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