Bonus! Excerpt from “The Forbidden Book,” a novel about today

January 22, 2021

Mark and Rose are typical high school seniors: afraid to speak, aware of the cameras watching them in every room and on every street, and smart enough to walk away if anyone dares discuss the place known only as “The Island.” // They know how to stay invisible. But on his way to school, Mark gets caught in the crossfire between two revolutionary gangs, and later that day, Rose’s friend…just…disappears. // When violence happens, Mark—who is destined for the NBA—knows the unspoken rule: don’t talk about it. You weren’t there. It didn’t happen. And when someone vanishes, Rose–who gets away with things she shouldn’t—knows denial is the only ways to survive. // But each has reached a breaking point. Mark decides to smuggle his family out of the country. And Rose will risk everything to get her friend back. // The Forbidden Novelis the story of two people who live in a nation hell-bent on domination and control. Will they be crushed beneath the wheel? //Or will freedom strike back?

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