30. Sean & Jamie Cailteux on Raising Kids

June 22, 2021

My friends Sean & Jamie Cailteux are healthcare workers, and the parents of three kids, Claire, Josie, and an unborn baby boy! 

I’ve interviewed Sean before. He’s a super-fit chiropractor, and he’s my go-to guy when it comes to all things health and fitness.

Jamie Cailteux is a nurse and perhaps the most avid reader I know—and that is saying a lot. I am not sure how many books she goes through in a year, but it could be between one and two hundred.

In the past, I’ve interviewed people who have raised six or seven kids. Some of their kids are in their early twenties, and they’re out of the house, employed, graduated, and getting married. So, I wanted to see how young couples, whose kids are four, two, and unborn, are thinking through some of the complex topics of parenthood! Sean & Jamie are maybe about four miles into this 26.2 mile marathon that they are running. I respect them deeply, and want to know how they think.

This episode was recorded in July 2020.

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