194. Mike Coy — How to Go from Good to Great: An Excellent Athlete and Coach Explains What It Takes

June 11, 2024

Mike is a former high school baseball coach and summer select baseball coach with 3 Texas State Championships and 1 National Championship. Mike coached the USA 16 International Team 5 years in Australia winning the “Down Under” World Championship all 5 years. Mike has coached the best and played at the highest level. After winning two (2) batting championships in the TX/LA Professional Baseball League, 1977/1978, Mike was offered a minor league baseball contract with the NY Mets. 

In this episode, Mike Coy explains how to go from good to great!

Receive a gift from Mike at mikecoyspeaks.com/gift, and learn about his book at ichoselive.com

(This episode was recorded on March 26, 2024.)

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