141. A Life-Changing Visit to Peru: Sammy Kopecky’s World Shifts

June 6, 2023

Sammy Kopecky is a college junior who spent nine days in the poorest part of Peru, the mountains, where people live without water and electricity, and almost without food. They are recovering from years of unrest. Sammy worked with a group of missionaries to help build cement stairs, but also just to play with the kids and speak with the adults. It changed her life and how she sees the world, and she is only beginning to come to terms with what she experienced, and what she now believes. But the heart of her existence is to love individuals like Christ does–radically, and freely, and with joy.

Links to reach Sammy: 
Kansas State University | Marketing | President – Women in Business

 w: samanthakopeckyphotography.com

 e: samanthakopecky@gmail.com

 ln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samanthakopecky/

(This episode was recorded on April 2, 2023.)

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